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  • Marketing Strategy

    Marketing Strategy

    Before you start it is best to figure out a holistic marketing strategy, that involves a detailed plan for the story you have to tell. What is it that makes you special and how are you gonna transmit it?
  • Content creation

    Content creation

    I don´t say, forget SEO, but I say: Bring your focus back to high quality content. You want to reach people and you can only reach them, if you speak their language and know how to connect with their mind, body & soul.
  • Content distribution

    Content distribution

    Once you have your content ready, you have to bring it out there! Social Media Marketing is one of the moste effective ways to promote your ideas. Additionally you can engage and connect with your audience. The key to success is, to find the right channel for your needs. Let´s start today!
  • Content planing

    Content planing

    As soon as your story is clear, we´ll plan your content. This can be automated or personalised. According to your needs we can plan ahead for a time frame that is relevant to you.
  • Evaluation


    Evaluation isn´t just happening in the end of a marketing cycle. But it is optimal to check in at a certain point and figure out
  • Happy!

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    what a great and informative Text! Great, that our collaboration turns out to be so smooth. I am really happy!


    Simone Orlik

    Simone Orlik
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    Silke wrote a few Articles for me and everything was excellent! I am happy to work together with her in the future. Ich wish all the best.

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    Mrs. Buchner is reliable, writes great articles and we are more than content with her. I can recommend her!  

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